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The Keynvor Originals Collection features these beautiful amber candles that are mixed and hand-poured by the sea. Recycled labels and unique eco lids are used to lock in the fragrance, then each candle is finished with eco wrapping paper, creating the perfect plastic-free gift for someone or yourself.


Gumtree | eucalyptus

This is the unmistakable smell of dense coastal rainforest. A lush‭ and ‬energising scent of eucalyptus originating from the national parks of eastern Australia.


Kavalier | wild + refined

A timeless and refined fusion of cologne blended with charred massoia wood. This is our statement piece, a modern day gentleman bearing a wild soul.

Notes + Bergamot / Lemon Leaf + Spices / Lavender / Geranium + Cedar / Massoia Woods / Amber


Kiva 1475 – The Coffee Candle

It is written that the first recorded serving of hot coffee to the public was back in 1475. Located in the Turkish city of Constantinople, a coffee shop called Kiva Han served the first fine drops of this glorious liquid. This is our own blend added lovingly into our fine soy wax.

Notes + Fresh Coffee + A dash of Vanilla + Inspired by the origins of coffee


Opotiki | dewy + warm

Stand on the shoreline and watch the first sunrise on Earth. Opotiki is a candle for the early risers, the optimists, and the go-getters. We have chosen coastal notes of driftwood and seaweed to transport you to the coastal region of Opotiki, New Zealand. This is the first place on earth to see the sunrise. What better way to start your d

Notes + Seaweed / Ozone + Waterlily / Cyclamen + Driftwood / Patchouli / Musk


Passenger | smoky + rugged

You find yourself seated next to a humble stranger. A companion for the road with the mature scent of woodsmoke and leather. Wise, comforting and nostalgic. This one has a story to tell.

Notes + Jasmine / Tobacco + Leather / Cedarwood / Raspberry + Musk / Smoky Vetiver / Moss


Treehouse | fresh + earthy

Catch the sunlight as it pierces the forest canopy. This fresh botanical blend delivers notes of lush treetops, golden tree sap, and earthy woodland floor. Designed to energise any space and fill it with the nostalgia of playing out all day long.

Notes + ‬Greenleaf + ‬Muguet‭ /‬ Violet ‬+ Patchouli / ‬Cedar