Surfrider Feather Lite


Our Surfrider Feather Lite is finally here!

Built with the same tried and tested 'Surfrider' shape we've used for generations, the Feather Lite is 36% lighter than our birch plywood Surfrider bellyboards.

These boards have more buoyancy and are significantly more flexible than birch plywood, although they are not as strong. 

The added flex in these boards gives a very different feeling to the stiffer birch plywood boards. Due to the nature of the timber, these boards have a lower nose rocker (the flex makes up for this). 

They are made from 100% Okume veneers, this marine plywood is guaranteed in water for 15 years.  This board is made from fully FSC-approved timber. 

We've been testing and tweaking this design for years now to find the best quality and more sustainable timber available. 

Dimensions - 120cm tall x 30cm wide x 0.9cm thick. 

Weight - 1.6kg

Finish - Fine sanded and treated with our Belly Rub mixture. 

We recommend re-applying Belly Oil or Belly Rub every now and again to keep the board looking great.