We have a handful of package deals on our most popular products to get you out in the water and enjoying long days spent at the beach.

Get 20% off our bellyboard essential when you partner it with any bellyboard. We'll also include a free block of Bellywax!

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Atlantic Blankets Collab Package - Blanket, Bellyboard and Wax.

Dick Pearce x Atlantic Blankets - Recycled Cotton Collection.

Made in the UK from 100% recycled materials. Designed for a life at the beach or at home.

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SURF PACKAGE - Bellyboard, Swim Fins and Wax

Swim fins and bellyboards are the ultimate duo - to kick start the summer.

Swim fins are PERFECT if you want to progress your bellyboarding into deeper water and bigger waves. We recommend that all riders should have a pair of these....

They allow you to transmit the maximum amount of power into kicks whilst maintaining control and comfort. This allows you to catch waves earlier when on your Dick Pearce & Friends bellyboard.

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BELLYBAG PACKAGE - Bellyboard, BellyBag and Wax

Our Bellyboard Bags are the perfect way to carry and protect your prized Surfrider. We’ve improved our Bellybags with a new design, larger carrying capacity and flipper snap buckle on front.

Each of our bags are handmade to our bespoke design by the craftsmen at Rooted Ocean in Bude, Cornwall. Made using the highest quality, hard wearing British dry wax canvas and metal hardware. Designed to last a lifetime.

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BLANKET PACKAGE - Bellyboard, Blanket and Wax

These blankets are perfect for the beach and wrapping up warm after a good belly slide session.

Perfect for those cold winter days, or summer evenings around the campfire! Or even at home on the sofa…

Extra large (200cm x 140cm) - Designed for a life on the beach!

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TOWEL PACKAGE - Bellyboard, Towel and Wax

The perfect partner for beach days, we’ve been taking ours to the beach everyday for the last few months and love them. Small and compact to fit in our beach bags. Perfect to dry off after a bellyboard session and ideal for a beach picnic.

Pair any bellyboard with any towel: Use SLIDERPACKAGEDEAL for 20% discount off towel in checkout.