Surf Wood for Good offers FREE wooden bellyboard rentals as a positive alternative to cheap, often single use and always environmentally-toxic cheap polystyrene bodyboards that are so often discarded on beaches across the South West.

See our map of Surf Wood for Good sites below - each of these sites will have a quiver of bellyboards that are FREE TO USE. Go give it a try!

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We're pushing for a lot less single-use plastic, and a lot more sustainability.

Working with  @surfersagainstsewage in various beach side locations across the UK, this rental project is intended to send out a positive message to beach users about the benefits of sustainability. 

Try the ply.

Limited stock, each location has 5 boards to start with. First come, first surfed! So if you’ve wanted to give Bellyboarding a go or kick start summer with getting back in the water, there’s no better time!

Check out our live interactive map to find out where you can get your hands on one. Or keep up to date with our project on our dedicated social channels here.

Free bellyboard hire! What's not to love?!