Hydro Tech 2 Swim Fins


Made from super soft silicon for serious comfort. Our favourite fin!

The Tech2 fins are manufactured using a revolutionary new material called T-form, a super soft material providing unsurpassed comfort. eradication of blisters and beneficial flex characteristics.

Swim fins are PERFECT if you want to progress your bellyboarding into deeper water and bigger waves. We recommend that all riders should have a pair of these....

Swim fins allow you transmit the maximum amount of power into kicks whilst maintaining control and comfort. This allows you to catch waves earlier when on your Dick Pearce & Friends bellyboard.

See more info on how to bellyboard.

• Super soft silicon
• V Rail Design for maximum speed and traction.
• Drain holes ensuring water & sand are quickly flushed.
• Contour Ankle strap designed to ensure maximum comfort.
• Perfect for body boarding and surf swimming.

Where in the size up if you plan on using with wetsuit sock.