Kids Mini Puffling Bellyboard


Made with a shorter template, the Puffling bellyboards are perfect for younger belly sliders! They also work well with flippers in bigger waves for those who are looking for a good travel board.

Dimensions - 80cm x 30cm x 0.9cm

A 'Puffling' is the term used for baby Puffins! Our Dick Pearce & Friends Puffling is 2/3 the size of our standard Surfrider and perfect for children to learn to catch and read waves. The shorter length allows them to hold the board closer to their body and catch waves easily. They will be shredding in no time!!

RECOMMENDED USE - From strong swimming age! From 6+ to 12 ish. Always to be used with adult supervision.

Bellyboards are NOT floatation devices - always to be used by proficent swimmers and/or under adult supervision.