Bellyboard Crew

We had the pleasure of being asked to come down to Great Western and help host the Bellyboard segment of their epic day of celebrating 60 years of seaside fun at one of Newquays favourite beaches. 


Fredstern and the quiver

And what a day it was, epic!

It reinforced to us how good it is what we all do and share through this simple pass-time of floating along waves on a plank of wood. Everyone was in such high spirits, welcoming & chatty. Loads of new faces all keen to get in and share the stoke and a few waves over the simple love of bellyboarding. 

Great Western Beach Bellyboarders

Bellyboarding Meet

We're super thankful to everyone that came down and got involved. We hope you enjoy some of the photos we captured from the day. Keep your eyes and ears on our Social feeds, we're keen to do this again, and we hope you can make it. 

Matthew Oldfield - Legend

Bellyboarding Cornwall

Bellyboarding Cornwall

Bellyboarding Great Western Great Western Beach Bellyboarders


Wooden Bellyboarding party wave



Bellyboarding Green Waves

Chelsea Bellyboarding

Stoked Bellyboarder

Fredster New test bellyboard

Bellyboarding Great Western

Bellyboard Hire

Dick Pearce Custom Bellyboard

Bellyboard Crew

Local Bellyboards

I love Tea Bellyboard

Happy Bellyboarders

Stoked Bellyboarder

Stoked Bellyboarder

Jamie Johnstone Dick Pearce Bellyboards

Gail Sheath Bellyboarder

Stoked Bellyboarders

Bellyboarder Crew


Matt & His Son Bellyboarder

Dick Pearce Team - Bellyboard CompanyGeddon!

September 29, 2023 — Jamie Mitchell