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Which size bellyboard do I get?

Pufflings are great for kiddies aged 6-10 who are confident in the white water and waves. Please supervise your children and slide in lifeguarded areas where applicable.

Puffling: 80cm x 30cm x 0.9cm. Weight: 1.4kg.

The Shorty is only 10cm less than the full-size Surfrider. Adults and growing children up to and around the 5’5” mark may find these boards slightly easier to handle, especially in the waist-high white water where swim fins aren't used.

The Shorty: 110cm x 30cm x 0.9cm. Weight: 2kg.

The full-size Surfrider is the original shape and size; all-inclusive; loved by all, wave-catching machine. Tried and tested template, passed down through the generations and can be used by everybody.

 Full Size Surfrider: 120cm x 30cm x 9mm . Weight 2.5kg.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of sliding, give them all a try! Different boards, different waves, with fins, without fins…So many combinations of fun with no limitations!

How do I care for my bellyboard?

After sliding around in the surf; store your beloved bellyboard upright and away from dampness.

Oiled Boards - The naked wood on the boards is treated with natural layers of linseed oil and beeswax. This protects the wood and brings out the
beautiful woodgrain. Can be re-applied regularly as the wood starts to dry out
- this helps keep the board waterproof and gives it a long life! Out of our stock; only
the Feather Lite and Heritage Models are oiled. Use a lint-free cloth to apply either our Belly Rub or Belly Oil (Use sparingly); go along with the grain direction and wipe off any excess. 

Naked Bellyboards - These boards are sanded beautifully to show the natural wood grain and colour. They are NOT TREATED - 100% ply. The Naked
boards need to be finished with paint, oil, varnish, or stain before use in the ocean. 

Fully painted (2 coats of paint, 2 coats of Eco-varnish) and
Woodstain (1 coat of stain, 2 coats of Eco-varnish) bellyboards are the hardiest bellyboards we sell. If you, and no doubt you will, scratch your bellyboard at some point during the years of beach time then you can touch up
your board with a dab of paint, varnish or even oil; to keep the dry in and the water out.

We offer a repair/restoration service if you ever feel like
refreshing your board completely.

What paint do you recommend?

Fancy getting creative with one of our Naked boards? Or does your prized Surfrider need some love after a busy year in the surf?

We use hard-wearing exterior-grade opaque wood paint. You can buy direct from us or visit your local DIY shop.

Am I too heavy for a bellyboard?

No! If you are worried about this then we recommend trying a full-size Surfrider but at the end of the (beach) day, bellyboarding is about timing and matching the speed of the wave. You do this by kicking your legs if you have swim fins on, or jumping forward when the wave is behind you in the shorebreak. Get out there and get on some waves!

Check out our 'how to' page here.

How do I bellyboard?

First! Check out our 'how to page here.

Second! Don't panic. Bellyboarding is for everybody and it is not difficult to get a hang of.

Third! Hot tips:

* If you are not wearing swim fins only go into waist-high water... It is easy to be coaxed out a little further but until you become an experienced and confident bellyboarder, keep your feet on the ground and get some waves under your belt.

* When catching and surfing a wave, keep the nose of the bellyboard ahead of you - not under like a bodyboard.

* When surfing a wave push down and apply a little pressure to the nose of the board. This will help to catch the wave and to stay on the wave as long as possible. Longest wave wins!

* Don't be afraid to try bellyboarding with swim fins on - in some ways its a lot easier than without!

Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

What is the shipping policy?

Check out our Shipping page for information. If you have any questions please get in touch -

Do you offer refunds?

If the item is un-worn, un-surfed, un-used then we can refund the order once received at DP&F HQ. Shipping will only be refunded where applicable.

Can I exchange my item?

Yes! We are happy to exchange as long as the original item is un-used. Please get in touch or swing by The Yard so we can organise a swap. Shipping only refunded where applicable.

Free Hire

Can I try before I buy?


Our Surf Wood for Good scheme offers FREE wooden bellyboard rental as a sustainable alternative to cheap polystyrene bodyboards, thousands of which end up broken and discarded on our beaches every year. 

See our map of Surf Wood for Good sites here - each of these sites will have a quiver of bellyboards that are FREE TO USE.

All you have to do is turn up and the shop owner will give you all the info you need. Go give it a try!

Read more about the inspiration behind the project here.

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