We have a true passion for bellyboards.

We make each and every board by hand in our workshop in the beautiful Cornish town of Newquay. All the equipment that we inherited from classic board-maker Dick Pearce was rescued from his workshop and set up here. We use exactly the same antique kit and templates and time-tested production methods that he did.

Each board starts its life as a blank sheet of ply on our cutting table.

We use Dick’s original templates to saw them into shape by hand, mindful that the grain of the wood runs the same direction as the length of the boards to be. After being softened in boiling water at two temperatures, each ply blank is given the perfect wave-riding curve by our shapers. Then the boards are left to dry into shape, until the bend will survive intact even in the roughest Atlantic Ocean swell. Only then are they sanded by hand, our craftsmen carefully working the edges until they are as smooth as they can get them. Finally, the varnish or paint is applied: the board is ocean-ready. 

Made by human hands and eyes,

each board that leaves our Cornish workshop is slightly different, a unique product. Though the process remains just the same as it always was: using sustainable materials, quality craftsmanship, and a lot of love.