Let us help you find the perfect bellyboard!

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Here at DP&F we make a full and diverse range of bellyboards, suited to all types of riders and waves. Read more for a break down of our main board types, and what makes them different.


The Surfrider bellyboard is made from Birch Plywood for max strength and great flex. Our Surfriders are sealed with woodstain or two coats of paint, and eco-varnish providing them with a great-looking, durable shell.

Available in 3 sizes:

Full-Size Surfrider:

120cm x 30cm x 0.9cm. Weight - 2.5kg. The original shape and size; all-inclusive; loved by all, wave-catching machine. This board has been tried and tested for generations. Perfect for all riders!

The Shorty:

10cm x 30cm x 0.9cm. Weight - 2kg. The Shorty is only 10cm shorter than the full-size Surfrider. Adults and growing children up to and around the 5’5” mark may find these boards slightly easier to handle, especially in waist-high white water.

The Puffling:

80cm x 30cm x 0.9cm. Weight - 1.4kg. This board is suitable for kiddies aged 6-10 who are confident in the white water and waves. Please supervise your children and bellyboard in lifeguarded areas where applicable


Built with the same tried and tested 'Surfrider' template we've used for generations, now in a lightweight marine plywood.

Weighing only 1.6kg, the Feather Lite is 36% ligher than our birch boards.

Full size boards measure in at 120cm, 30cm wide and 9mm thick.

Low nose rocker (flatter board), with lots of flexibility.

Increased buoyancy and flex, but not as stong when compared to birch plywood.

Made from Okume veneers. Sustainably sourced and guaranteed in water for 15 years.  

Finish - Fine sanded and treated with our Belly-Rub mixture. 


The Tube Rider is here!

New design that we've been tweaking and trying out for years! Perfect for critical waves and trying to get into the tube!

Shorter length - 107cm, 30cm wide and 9mm thick.

Weighs 2.1kg.

Low nose rocker (flatter board) and hard rails through the tail.

Made from birch plywood for best possible flex patterns... and its super strong!

Fully painted and finished with matt eco varnish.


Our premium Heritage Bellyboard is made from UK grown timber - they are beautiful!

Available in Oak and Elm - each board is hand laminated in our workshop and has a beautiful individual woodgrain.

Made for riders looking for a premium board with great performance.

Dimensions - 120cm, 30cm wide and 9mm thick.

Weighs 1.8kg.

Gentle nose rocker.

Beautiful natural wood finish. Finished with our signtiture oils.


These boards form our 'Wonky Carrot' range - Perfectly Imperfect! The boards will have some slights bumps, marks and quirks from the manufacturing process BUT are perfect for sliding.

Lower price... but MAX FUN!

Made using original design and template. Perfect for all riders!

Full size boards measure in at 120cm, 30cm wide and 9mm thick. Weighs 2.5kg.

Made from Birch Plywood for max strength and great flex.

Boards are painted and then sealed with our Eco Varnish.


Want to design your own board? Get creative and use our online board designer!

Choose your own colours, designs, add your own logo, write a personal message... the options are endless!

We currently offer our Custom Riders on our standard birch plywood Surfrider and Puffing. Logos and text are laser etched into the board.

Boards are painted and then sealed with our Eco Varnish.

We can customise any board... just drop us a message if you'd like something unique thats not online!