Bellyboard Selector

Here at Dick Pearce, we are forever expanding and developing our range of high quality wooden bellyboards to make sure we keep you sliding at maximum capacity.

First things first...

How do I choose a Bellyboard?

Well a general rule of thumb is that if you're new to the sport, the more wood you have under you, the larger your planing surface will be, which is going to help you catch the most waves.

Which is what it is all about!

So a Classic Surfrider Bellyboard is a good place to start. However, due to the nature of the sport relying more on personal technique than a perfect calculation of wood-to-weight ratios, bellyboarding is mostly down to personal preference.

The more confident in the ocean you are, the less physical board is required to get slidin'.

Am I too heavy to Bellyboard?

Heck No! Bellyboards are planing surfaces, not floatation devices. With the correct timing and practice, almost anyone can use a wooden bellyboard. 

 If you are worried about this then we recommend going for a full-size Surfrider Bellyboard but at the end of the (beach) day, bellyboarding is about timing and matching the speed of the wave. You do this by kicking if you have swim fins on, or jumping forward when the wave is behind you in the shore. 

We know many riders who weigh well over 100kg and enjoy riding waves on their bellies.

Quick Comparison Guide

• Original Board - Surfrider
• Cheapest Board - Club Slider
• Widest Board - Heritage Bellyboard
• Shortest Board - Puffling Bellyboard
• Best for big waves - Tube Rider
• Best for small waves - Surfrider / Heritage
• Top choice - The Tube Rider
• Most Manoeuvrable - Shorty / Tube Rider

Our Bellyboards

The original

Surfrider Bellyboard

"Bought it for my girlfriend, now I can't stop using it. I am going to have to buy my own. The glide you get surfing it is insane." - Sam G (Happy customer)

Make it your way.

Want to design your own board?
Get creative and use our online board designer!

Choose your own colours, designs, add your own logo, write a personal message... the options are endless!

Same Same, But Different.

The Shorty:

10cm x 30cm x 0.9cm. Weight - 2kg. The Shorty is the same great board, only 10cm shorter than the full-size Surfrider.

Shorter Adults and growing children may find these boards slightly easier to handle, especially in waist-high white water. The shorty excels in manouverabiility when paired with some swim fins & headed out the back.

The Puffling:

80cm x 30cm x 0.9cm. Weight - 1.4kg. This board is intended for kiddies aged 6-10 who are confident in the white water and waves.

It is also alternatively used by big wave riders who want the similar freedom offered by a handplane.

The Crème de la crème

The Heritage Bellyboard

The Heritage Bellyboard range is our highest quality board when it comes to craftmanship.

These boards are made from UK grown timber, each board is hand laminated & pressed to perfection in our workshop and has a beautiful individual woodgrain.

The range is made up predominantly of Oak, Ash & Elm but extra reclaimed woods also get used from time to time for beautiful laminations. They all feature a marine plywood core for extra stability.

Made for riders looking for a premium board with great all round performance.

This is our widest board.
The Dimensions alter slightly from our classic Surfrider, the board has a wider nose that graduates from the tail and gives an extra 4cm compared to our classic ranges.

- 121cm, 30.5cm tail width, 34cm nose width and 0.9cm thick.

Weighs 1.8kg.

Gentle nose rocker.

Beautiful natural wood finish. Finished with our signtiture oils.

Moving on up.

The Tube Rider

"We've been testing and tweaking this design for years now, it's designed to work in critical waves and help you get tubed!" - Jamie Johnstone

Our Wonky carrots

The Club Slider

If you have any questions, please get in touch.