We're stoked to collaborate with our friends at Atlantic Blankets to produce a new range of blankets, all made in the UK from recycled materials.

We were keen to produce bright, bold and fun blankets - these are designed to be colourful and distinctive on the beach. Perfect for wrapping up after a slide in the waves, or while getting cozy at home. The brushed cotton is unbelievable soft on the skin - we love the quality look and feel of these blankets.

Its great to work alongside other Cornish businesses with shared values, while supporting British manufacturing. Chatting about the ethos of their production, Gem from Atlantic Blankets states 'having sourced our eco-friendly materials, we work with trusted mill partners in the UK to bring these designs to life in the form of our luxurious blanket range. Forging strong relationships with our suppliers, we can guarantee the most ethical trading practices are upheld and benefit from full traceability.'



Sustainabilty is a key part of everything we do at Dick Pearce & Friends. We aim to produce sustainable and long lasting products, while supporting British manufacturing wherever possible.

This new GEO Blanket range is made from 100% recycled fabrics (75% recylcled cotton, and 25% other fibres) : The manufacturing ethos of Atlantic Blankets is deeply 'committed to environmentally-friendly production, we have been using recycled fibres for many years and continue to increase our recycled fabrics. Using 100% recycled materials, our gorgeous recycled cotton blankets are something we are really proud of, creating beautiful pieces out of scrap materials destined to retting. If the end product wasn’t incentive enough, using these pre-dyed recycled materials also reduces greenhouse gases, conserves water, saves energy and negates the need for dyes and other harmful chemicals.'

We're super proud and happy to working alongside Atlantic Blankets, producing a beautiful and quality product.

Shop the new range here.


November 09, 2021 — Jamie Johnstone