Belly Wax is designed to give you added grip. Much like waxing a surfboard, rubbing wax on your board creates a sticky surface with more friction. It isn’t essential for wave riding but can help if you find yourself slipping when sliding!

You only need to wax the topside of your board, where your belly lies. When it’s no longer sticky or grippy, just rub some more on. DONT WAX THE UNDERSIDE! That’s all there is too it really.


Our handmade Belly Wax is crafted from Cornish Beeswax by our friends at Mutant Grip in Perranporth. No plastic, 100% sustainable and locally made product. Just how we like it! The wax is designed to be used in our cool waters - 13° to 20°

August 12, 2021 — Jade Sellick