Mini Puffling

Here at Dick Pearce and Friends HQ our passion for wave riding and excitement to share this historically popular sport is always at the forefront of what we do.

We want to teach the next generation about the fun of bellyboarding by proudly introducing our Mini Puffling range. A 'Puffling' is the term used for baby Puffins. These boards are made using the same handcrafted methods as our adult boards and available in a variety of colours but measuring 2/3 the size of our standard Surfrider. These nifty vessels make it easier for the little ones to learn, select a wave and jump on board for a smooth and enjoyable slide.

There are minimal rules for riding our kids boards, but the ocean has no boundaries, so all we ask is that your little puffling’s are confident swimmers and stay within waist height of the water.

As our journey continues to push the eco values that Wood is Good our community is expanding, we are lucky enough to meet like-minded sea folk who share the need for a good splash in the ocean whilst riding a product that delivers time and time again. It is these relationships with our customers that encourage us to move forward with the brand, we were thrilled to hear from Errol, a returning customer who shared these awesome pictures of his son Noah’s passion for his new Mini Puffling. Pictured here on his home turf of Middlesbrough after shredding his new board.  Near and far we are stoked to connect with fellow belly riders, thanks Errol for sharing your news.

Mini Puffling

To anyone in the Newquay area, or if you’re travelling across country - drop by and visit our new workshop. Hope Yard Studio is in the center of Newquay, Cornwall, we have demo boards you can take to the beach for a test run, or why not put a custom order in and watch your new board being made by our small team of craftsmen our full range of bellyboards are available to view here.

We look forward to meeting you and hearing your shredder stories, remember to share #woodisgood - love the Dick Pearce team. x

Mini Puffling

July 13, 2017 — Three Bears