We went on a little road trip up the coast to catch up with Lee and Matty, the guys behind Rooted Ocean. We are two brands cut from a similar cloth united in our dedication to quality craftsmanship and British manufacturing. Guided by a love for surf and sea, they produce sustainable beach goods, hand crafted in a small studio nestled in the Cornish cliffs.

Rooted Ocean Studio

Collaborating was a no brainer. The fact it’s all made in the UK and pretty much on our doorstep, is fantastic! They make all our bellybags, beach bags and soon to be limited edition backpacks.

We drive an hour up the coast to Bude, where the landscape is much more rugged and raw, steep cliffs and rocky reefs scatter the coastline. Makes a change from the golden beaches we are used too in our hometown of Newquay! We arrive at the charming Efford Farm, where Rooted Ocean are based and are greeted with a much-needed fresh brew.

A colourful stack of belly bags lay on the table awaiting collection. Jamie spots a handful of bright colours and jumps straight into discussing fresh colour ways and developing new ideas. From picking out fabrics and discussing design details, each element is chosen with consideration.

The bags are made in small batches and take roughly four days to make. From the first cut to the last stitch, the bags are crafted with care and designed to last a lifetime. Our Bellyboard Bags are the perfect way to carry and protect your prized Surfrider.

In keeping the balance between work and play, the meeting was soon hushed along to the beach for a wave!

June 30, 2021 — Jade Sellick