Get Stoked
on a Bellyboard

Made in Cornwall.
Built to last a lifetime.
Simple Pleasures
Timeless joy in the waves.
No Plastic!
Wood is Good. And easy to ride!
Wooden Bellyboards. Made in Cornwall.

Simple wave riding fun. For everyone!

Built to last.

We've been making boards for generations.

Our mission is simple, to share our passion for surfing as it was meant to be: without the fuss, with all the fun.

Slide for Life

Our community of belly sliders.

It’s the best outdoor sport that’s full of surprises. You never have the same surf so you’re constantly rewarded with stoke!
— Mark
It is the most important part of my day, I can leave all my troubles behind or share them with friends
— Mandy Davis
As somebody that has suffered with mental health issues all my life 'it means everything to me'. The ocean and belly boarding truly soothes my soul & brings me peace & Joy.
— Dave Geddes
Bellyboarding revitalised surfing for me. I'm forever grateful to these wonderful craft!
— Aidan
It is a primal draw to be in or near the ocean, it is such a simple pleasure. It is feels like I am cleansing my soul, feel free and immersed in the moment
— Helen
Anyone can do it. No complex understanding of board sizing needed. Just grab your stick and head in. Knee deep or neck deep, you'll catch them all.
— Frazer Fox
It’s accessible in that all ages and abilities can give it a go and it’s so much fun. People don’t have to be a surfer or even know much about the sea, some might be poor swimmers. The appeal is that it’s open to anyone willing to give it a go.
— Ellie