Introducing our brand new Heritage Bellyboard, made from British grown timber. 

Available in oak and elm, with a rich oil finish that accentuates the timber’s natural textures, each board is uniquely adorned with its own woodgrain pattern.

In addition to their illustrious aesthetic, these woods are highly functional for bellyboard design, boasting increased durability and water-resistant properties. In fact, before metal was widely available, many towns in England used elm in their water mains. And, to this day, it is the preferred material of Cornish gig boat builders. 

Oak has similarly been used in shipbuilding for hundreds of years, thanks to its strength and tannin content, which makes it highly resistant to rot and weathering. Using specially selected veneers wrapped around a plywood core, our Oak Heritage Bellyboards are unparalleled when it comes to durability – producing a top-performing surf rider, with all the charm of a 19th-century ship. 

Each board comes with a pot of our signature Belly Rub. Made in Cornwall, from 100% natural ingredients including linseed oil and bee’s wax, it’s perfect for ensuring your new board stays nourished and looks beautiful for generations to come. 

As with all of our boards, the heritage range is handcrafted from start to finish in our Cornwall workshop. Watch the whole process here:



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November 01, 2022 — Jamie Johnstone