Here at Dick Pearce, there’s nothing we love more than receiving stories and photos of you and your boards out in the wild. Earlier this year, that lead us to launch Slide For Life – a new campaign that encourages you to share your bellyboarding experiences with the world, to connect the community and inspire others. 

While filling in online surveys doesn’t usually top anyone’s to do list, we knew we could rely on the enthusiasm of belly sliders and no sooner had we launched than we were flooded with a cascade of joyous tales and heartwarming imagery. 

From the hundreds of responses, a few universal themes emerged. Among the most prominent was bellyboarding’s ability to bring the whole family together, for multi-generational fun in the great outdoors.

This didn’t come as much of a surprise to Dick Pearce’s head of stoke, Jamie, who, when not handcrafting boards in our Newquay workshop can usually be found at the beach, surfing or bellyboarding with his wife and young sons.  


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Here, we’ve compiled some of our favourite family-focussed responses to the first question: Tell us about your most memorable bellyboarding experience… 

Boarding with my (then) 4-year-old son at Mawgan Porth. He used to be terrified of water but discovered a new found bravery through seeing his mum enjoying herself so much! He’s now rarely out of a wetsuit in the warmer months and loves boarding himself." - Kat

 Surfing with my sister." - Astrid

As a little girl (I am now 66!), Whitesands, St David’s, hot sun, tingly sunburn and salt on my shoulders, waves crashing around, salty lips, the thrill of the belly board with my darling dad who died many years ago. Precious memories.” - Caroline

With my family in North Devon. Showing my 1-year-old granddaughter the ropes, after sending our Monty’s ashes flying free from Baggy Point. A good way to soothe all our souls that day.” - Helen

Mine was 40 years ago, when I was 7 years old, learning to surf on a ply bellyboard at Putsborough in North Devon with my parents and grandparents. I’ve surfed nearly all my not only helps with my fitness but my mental health. It’s a place where I can find time to myself or share time with friends and family! Getting in the sea and riding waves is a tonic.” - Mark
Last summer, after having surgery to remove a 7lbs tumour which had made everyday movement painful, I was able to get in the ocean at Perranuthnoe for the first time with my daughter and show her the joy of bellyboarding." - Sarah

My most memorable experience was sliding on a wave for what felt like ages with my 9-year-old right by my side on her own board taking in the beautiful view on a beach in Cornwall.” - Ann

Bellyboarding's appeal is freedom, friendship, fun, at one with nature and just makes you smile from inside to out." - Jane 
When I was much much younger, travelling around America. It was the first time I ever tried bellyboarding. One random day on the beach the waves were good so my friends and I thought we’d give it a go and we were hooked. I have never laughed so much in my life! Twenty plus years on and my family and I travel to a Cornwall each year and my two sons are now equally as hooked!" - Natalie

My most memorable session was with my dad and brother on his original wooden bellyboard in 1985. I was 8 years old and just smiling all day!” - Dave

With my teenage son in Chapel Porth.” - Emma
My most memorable experience was in Cornwall, aged 8, absolutely freezing with blue fingernails but having the best time with my dad (in matching with swim caps)" - Phoebe

My most memorable experience was bellyboarding with my four granddaughters." - Mick

Helping my 10 yr old boy ride his fast wave - and just seeing the pure joy and pride on his face” - Simon


Bellyboarding in November on the North Cornwall Coast with my family. A beautifully sunny day, perfect waves and peaceful Sunday vibes. Celebrating my husband’s birthday. I gave him a bellyboard and it was such a hit, we all loved it." - Mary

My most memorable experience was at high tide Fistral with my partner at sunset - shore dumpy but exciting, and what a view!" - Charlotte
Watching my father-in-law catching a big wave for the first time on Mawgan Porth beach. The excitement and happiness in his face was a picture I’ll never forget." - Dominika
My daughter telling me that it's embarrassing to shout "weeeeeeee" every time you catch a wave!" - Helen

Taking my bellyboard to the beach I spent much of my childhood on. Hosta, North Uist. Spending hours catching waves until I was tired out, reminding me of the best times." - Alastair

April 14, 2023 — Luke Gartside