We know a lot of you will already be out there sliding your hearts out! 
But for those of you that are new to the Bellyboarding Family, here's a few of our top tips on how to get the most out of your bellyboard. 

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Step 1. - Hire or buy a bellyboard! - We have a range of free to hire bellyboard locations set up around the UK. For your nearest hire location check out our Free Rental Map.

Otherwise, treat yourself! Go ahead and grab a lush new Wooden Bellyboard from us or one of the other sustainably produced Bellyboards brands based in the UK!

Hire boards

Step 2. - Wax it up. - This one isn’t essential but it will improve your ride, especially as you get into bigger waves. Grab some of our belly wax, or some classic surfboard wax, and spread a little over where your hands are going to grab the board and your belly is going to rest on the board. This will create traction and make sure you stick to the board.

Belly Wax

Step 3. - Head to the Red & Yellows! - When Bellyboarding WITHOUT FINS make sure you head in-between the red and yellow flags so the Lifeguards can help keep you safe and monitor you safely in the ocean, strong surges of water called rips and other forms of currents do occur and catch people out!

Red and Yellow Flags

Step 4. - Get to waist depth. - This is the ideal height so that you can push off from the ocean floor and boost yourself into that perfect belly wave! 

Step 5. - Spot a wave and get your board in position. - When you see a nice clean wave coming at ya, push the end of the board into the bottom of your belly with your arms gripping the board as high up the board as you can hold.

Bellyboarding at Poldu Beach

Step 6. - Wait for it, Push! - Once the wave is super close, 1-2 foot away, jump forward to try and match the momentum of the wave. Make sure to keep your arms extended and the bellyboard IN-FRONT of you, not under. This will give you and the board the best chance of capturing the waves momentum.

Jamie Catching Green Waves On Handmade Bellyboard
Step 7. - Enjoy, go get sliding, nothing can stop you now!
August 18, 2023 — Jamie Mitchell